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RF-Fullmetal has way get items

  • The first is the common way, playing, collecting materials, and trying to manually improve your equipment, killing bosses in the game or in events. It’s a lucky process to level up the items.¬†

    The second way we rely on is through roulette, which is configured for each class. Roulette 1 is for mage or launcher equipment, Roulette 2 is configured with ranger equipment, and Roulette 3 is configured with warrior equipment. You can get them by hunting at the game’s cash points killing¬†monsters and buying spins. It’s a completely lucky process.

    The third way is through donations. With these, you can get roulette spins or buy items in the store. With these donations, we are constantly improving the server. Items are not directly sold to players.

    All the equipment in this server is available through the game or for purchase in the shop, which can be bought with in-game currency or donations, but it still depends on your luck for top-tier equipment. Even premium equipment can be purchased with in-game currency.

    With this approach, all players can aspire to have the best equipment and it will depend on their skill in the game, team strategy or type of character or race, which naturally have advantages or disadvantages against other players.