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Wheel of Luck 1

The new Wheel of Luck is available now with amazing prices

Wheel of Luck 1 : Mage or launcher Class equipment

-The roulette prizes will be according to the race you select before entering the roulette.

-You can claim a prize after 100 spins
   you can claim every time you reach 100 spins in the week in the same Wheel (1,2 or 3), the spins are not cumulative between weeks or wheels.

-Prizes are definitive, no changes.

-Box Random 1 x:
   Weapon coupon+6 strong. ( Lance, Gatling or staff. Bow if cora )
   Or random armor set +6
   Or specials booster coupon
   Or brother accessories

-Once the prize is claimed, the spins are reset.

-The week goes from Sunday to Sunday.

NOTE: Armour coupons need to select ALL PIECES to avoid losing armour. No compensation will be given.