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Getting Started

Initial Guide for RF Fullmetal

Welcome to RF Fullmetal! Here’s an updated starter guide to get you off on the right foot after completing the tutorial.

  1. Starting in Your Race’s City: Upon starting the game after the tutorial, you’ll appear in your race’s initial city. In your backpacks, you’ll find two types of pills: some to give you a bit of initial money and others to level you up to level 65 instantly.

  2. Initial Equipment: Near the main portal, you’ll find 3 NPCs who will provide you with weapons, accessories, and armor for level 65. These will be the equipment you evolve throughout your journey in the game, so you won’t need to look for more gear.

  3. Ready for Battle: Once equipped, you’ll be ready for battle. However, to gain more power, you’ll need to hunt monsters that give you riches.

  4. Hunting Monsters and Gathering Resources: Head to the Foreign Vendor NPC, who sells different scrolls for accessing hunting zones. Initially, you should start with Elf Land. Buy a scroll and set off to hunt for those desired resources. As you improve your gear or join forces with your teammates, you can venture into Cartella Lab. Remember, these scrolls are bought with gold, which you can get by exchanging money at the Coinexchange NPC in your city.

  5. Purchasing Golden Box Luck Boxes: With the resources obtained from hunting, you can purchase Golden Box Luck Boxes in the game shop. These boxes may contain valuable items that will aid in your adventure.

  6. Game Objective: The main objective is to defend yourself from other races and acquire the coveted Golden Tickets. These tickets are crucial for upgrading your equipment through different evolutions and achieving maximum power.