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Getting Started

  1. Alright so you want to know the in’s and outs of how to get started with the new season of RF FullMetal. I am here to help you out. First thing you’ll want to do after logging in is head towards the main exit of your race’s HQ. There you will find 3 new NPC’s that ‘sells’ free stuff. This gear has no requirements. The first one sells armor. Obviously you’ll want to pick up the armor best suited for you. I strongly suggest getting the shield, especially if you are a ranger, since it’s going to be the best shield rangers are likely going to have for a very long time, unless you cross class. The next NPC sells relics without any requirements. What I do is get the throwing knife, and whatever other weapon I am likely to use. The reason for the throwing knife? For a while, it’ll still 1 hit kill most enemies you are leveling up on, you can wear a shield, it doesn’t use ammo, it doesn’t use mp, and lets you kill things faster since you don’t have to run to each enemy. Once it stops being effective, you’ll have some money to buy ammo, or you’ll be ready to run up to enemies and kill them in melee. The third NPC sells a couple of decent starting amulets, rings, a booster, and a free jade of communication so we can all still talk to each other in the game. All the gear is 55+4 gear, and will last you to about level 60 (realistically it’ll last you til 65 if you play smart or with a group, but some people will feel the need to buy gear in that 60-65 time frame). After that, head to the free buffer NPC near your race’s portal. Get a speed boost, and be ready to level. Your goal is to hit level 40 before that free buff wears out. Don’t buy potions yet, you’re unlikely to need them til you need that buff again. At this point you are ready to level right? Hell yeah you are!

  2. Leveling Up and Farming Racial Money: So first go just outside your HQ. You know those flem’s that everyone always has to kill. You’re gonna kill about 10-15 of these. This will get you your first few levels, and some of the only drops in the game. Bronze Coins are flem drops that sell for race money. It’s not a lot, but it’s a start. After flem’s, you’ll want to head to the outpost and find the level 7 mobs first. They don’t have drops, so you don’t want to stick around here for long. Just kill 15 or so, until they turn gray, and head to the other side of the outpost. You should see some mobs in their 20’s. Murder these guys until they turn gray also. You should be about 5-10 mins in on playing at this point. Now head back to HQ, go to the portal and head to one of your race’s settlements (Haram, 213, etc). You will step just outside and kill whatever is red til it turns gray. You will likely get over level 30, but don’t go back to HQ until these mobs turn gray too. You will likely be level 35ish at this point, and it’s time to head back to the HQ. When you go back, head to the race manager and get your level 30 class choice. Now go back to your race’s portal, and to the right of it, you’ll see a NPC. Sell your bronze coins and your HQ scrolls, and buy the cali scrolls to teleport to Ether and the HQ scrolls here. Might as well buy a stack of each. You may also want to buy some health potions from the potion vendor nearby at this point. You likely won’t be able to afford a lot, but even 5-10 are fine (this server only has 5k potions for sale) Use the cali scroll to go to Ether. You’ll be in the middle of the map. So what do you do? Kill. You’re gonna kill whatever is here til they all turn gray. Focus on cali’s as they get you Silver Coins. Don’t go back to HQ at 40, Try to hit level 45, and get some silver coins.

  3. Now you go back to HQ, get your second class up,
    get your free buffsagain, sell your silver coins, and now the grind starts. At this point, you’ll need to start balancing, leveling up and farming race currency. The Biolab is closed, so leveling will have to be done in Ether and Elan. With some skill, farming, and possibly a party, you’ll hit level 51+ in no time at all. If you are soloing, I suggest trying to hit 60 before heading to elf, but a party can go to elf at 51. Elf has changed a bit now. There is a group of Red Hairs and Thunder Lizards to the left of spawn. These hit hard, and you’ll likely die a bunch, but the XP loss at death is turned off, so you can YOLO the hell out of these if you have to and you’ll get levels quickly. You will see a slowdown of leveling around 60, and 63+ will be a grind. Make sure to take breaks as needed to kill flem’s or cali’s for coins to sell. So now you have hit level 65. What do you do from here?

  4. End Game Farming: This brings in the Pitbosses. Pitbosses are very hard to solo now, and have so many drops, it would be hard for even 2 characters to pick it all up. But each Pitboss type has different drops. The harder the PB, the better the drops tend to be. You will want to PB as a group so that no drops go wasted. There are even a couple new Pitbosses on PvP maps that pay out VERY well. Also in Sette, there are a few new NPC’s towards the middle of the map. They sell HDH boxes, Large boxes, Master boxes, cash pills, and some potions. Those boxes also have stuff you need to upgrade, and the Large boxes only cost 3,000,000 race money each. These NPC’s also give out daily quests that give stones and cash. The mobs you will be killing are new, and very hard to kill solo. Again, take a party, quest together. It’ll be much easier. These also drop stone pieces that when a stack is combined, you get a handful of stones. Lastly, Chip war. Gone are the days of mining. Instead winning chip war 100,000,000, 10k cash, 10k gold, and 10 of each stone. Winning CW is the easiest and fastest way of being ready for upgrading your gear.