Normal Premium
EXP 500x EXP 1000x
Animus 35k Animus 45k
Drop 10x Drop 15x
Mining 50x Mining 60x
Normal loot Auto loot


                                                                                         SERVER INFO

  • Max Level 65
  • PT Skill/Force : GM
  • Interracial Auctions (can trade with diferent races)
  • Quest 50 & 56 OFF
  • Buffer in HQ
  • Balance Status and No Over Power Donation
  • MAU 65 (experience on MAU) Catapult has AOE
  • Active GM
  • Odin Guard features (no hack)
  • New Weapons and armor Superior type C 65 level
  • Dragon Armor with buffs 

Premium Shop => EXP Jade 100% (only works 1)

Foreing Vendor  => Special Teleporting Scrolls 

Dragon Knigth => Buffer 

Golden Pigs => Cash Points, Gold Points, Relic weapons, HDH accesories, wind weapons 


Elfland- Elfs and Kucra Captains => Farming 60+

New Map Lumenium => Farming 65

Laboratory => Farming 51+

Golden pig Boss Out of HQ => Jewerly boxes and money 

All Bosses had incredible loot to farming weapons and armors



Newbie tips

- level to 40 to get your premium armor

- if solo player, create another account to tank and level up 

- vote everry 12 hours and get vote points to buy rented elemental accesories 

- follow the drop list guide to farm 

- join discord to get aid by the GM 


Patriarch Register Price = 500000000 (500 millions)
Minimum level to register
Level = 59
Minimum play time to register
PlayTime = 240 min