1. 1. Game moderators are committed to helping and guiding users to experience the game at its full potential. Every effort must be made in bringing prompt service and in improving the quality of the game. 2. Gms will do their best in answering questions and handling complaints or concerns users may have in-game. 3. Gms are to respond in a polite and professional manner. 4. Gms may kick or suspend players that violate the mandate of heaven and code of conduct depending on the severity of the violation.


    CONDUCT RULES The following rules govern basic interaction within the RF Full Meta game and the RF Full Meta social media, groups, and forums. Please be aware that failure to comply with these rules of conduct may result in the termination of your RF Full Meta game and forum account according to the RF Full Meta end user license agreement (eula) 1. Offense list 2. Verbal offenses 3. Use of profanity or obscenities in any means 4. Users are prohibited to use sexually explicit, harmful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive language. 5. Users are prohibited to post or link to any sexually explicit, harmful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive imagery or content. 6. Spamming or flooding in any type of channel 7. When communicating in RF Full Meta using server wide chat, users are prohibited to spam, flood, or make duplicate posts.


    VOTE RULES 1. You can vote every 12 hours 2. You can vote for more than 1 account, as long as different IPs 3. You can use your vote points for buying Game Shop items. 4. Creating accounts for "vote points stacking" are prohibited. Your account should have a character leveled to 45 in 1 week after your first vote, otherwise, your vote points would be reduced to 0. 5. In voting, always enter captcha. 6. Do not forget to enter captcha on the vote page. Voting without captcha is useless for the server. No capthca - no vps next time. Ignoring the rules can be grounds for permanent ban.


    IN-GAME RULES 1. Impersonating as a GM or using nicknames such as "GM'", "ADMIN", etc. is strictly prohibited. Also if your nickname contain only "i" or "l" letters then your name will be changed to random one. 2. Sending Trade message in any chats except normal white and trade chat is prohibited. Breaking this rule can be ground for permanent ban. 3. Setting a nuke inside the core,placing guard towers, killing players after HolyStone Keeper is safe is prohibited. 4. Its forbidden to Set up towers within a teleport spawn spot area. 5. Certian points transfusion is forbidden and may be grounds for permanent ban. 6. Elected archons are required to participate in at least 1 CW daily. Also take note, getting an HMS scanner does not equate as an "attendance" in CW.If an elected archon is inactive, the race have the obligation to report this to a staff in 24 hours. The inactive archon's CPT would be reduced to 0 and account will be blocked. 7. Using chaos potion during CW is forbidden for archons and may be grounds for permanent ban. 8. English is the only language allowed on every map including any chats except normal white chat. Breaking this rule can be ground for permanent ban. 9. NEVER insult a GM or treat him improperly. GMs are not employees, they work for free and deserve utmost respect. 10. Using third party programs such as BOTS, CHEATS, MEMORY EDITORS, TRAINERS or something similar that affects playability are strictly forbidden. This also includes editing your client to give you an advantage. Hacking and cheating in any way will result to a permanent ban. 11. Logging out while being attacked (FORCE LOG-OUT) is strictly forbidden. Accepting Chandra recall and accepting summon potion while being attacked are also prohibited. 12. Passing in a terrain where you can't usually walk and/or hitting a mob where the mob can't hit back (TERRAIN GLITCH) is prohibited..


    13. Do not talk bad about the server and its staff. For comments and suggestions, please direct it to the staff. 14. Advertising other websites, games and servers in-game and in our official FB page are strictly forbidden. 15. RMT (real money trading) using facebook and in-game are strictly prohibited. However, we allow RMT for items as long as it is done in a PRIVATE negotiation (direct negotiation between 2 people). We permit this so other players can still use the items once the real owner decided to retire. Still, if you got scammed, the Admin/GM/Staff would not be liable. RMT is considered a risk.RMT for accounts is strictly prohibited in any case. Breaking these rules will result to permanent ban. 16. You are responsible for your account. Giving your account info to your "PILOTS" or "FRIENDS" is your risk. If they change your password or sold your items, it will not be retrieved or replaced. If they hacked or break the rules while using your account, it will be banned according to the rules. 17. Insulting other players with offensive language is grounds for permanent ban. 18. You need to remember passwords from your account, write it on paper and keep in safe place. Restoring for your passwords is impossible. 19. Guilds must be active in-game (CW, PB hunting, PVP). GvG must be a real fight between 2 guilds and can't be done by 2 guild members who only stand in GvG area (this is called "FAKE GvG"). Doing "FAKE GvG" is strictly forbidden. Your CPT would be wiped and this can be grounds for permanent ban. 20. Items lost during disconnections, server crashes, errors would not be replaced under any circumstances. Not knowing the rules will never be an excuse for not following them. WARNINGS are up to the GMs discretion and not mandatory. You could face immediate ban if your actions warrant it. The displayed rules are subject to changes without prior notice depending on situation.


    ADVERTISING NON RF Full Meta PRODUCTS 1. Users are prohibited to market, promote, advertise, or solicit within the RF Full Meta game or RF Full Meta social media, groups, and forums any product that is not related to the game. 2. Use of RF Full Meta products or services for illegal activities 3. All RF Full Meta products and services are strictly to be used for legal activities only.


    HARASSMENT 1. Harassing or defaming users or RF Full Meta employees 2. Harassment, by definition, persistent, disallowed actions against another person, is strictly prohibited. Anything that imposes on another person’s natural rights is not allowed. 3. Attempting to directly or indirectly assassinate a gm character or another player’s character is prohibited. 4. Making real life threats 5. Threats in any form, even in jest, is not allowed, and will be treated seriously. 6. Distributing another user’s real life personal information 7. Users are prohibited to post or to communicate another player’s real life information (name, address, account name, etc.) Through the RF Full Meta game or through the official RF Full Meta groups, such as in facebook or forums. 8. Impersonating a RF Full Meta employee, affiliate or another player 9. Users are prohibited to impersonate a game moderator, any RF Full Meta employee, or any other RF Full Meta affiliate. Players are not allowed to impersonate other players as well.


    GRIEFING Griefing is defined as a continuous attempt to destroy another player’s gaming experience by constantly attacking monsters that that player is already attacking, incessantly killing a quest monster repeatedly so that other players would not be able to finish their quests, blocking access to any location or npc, or any other similar activity. This is not allowed, however, there may be locations or monsters that allow griefing activities; these locations or monsters will be posted in the official RF Full Meta social media, groups, and forums and in the official RF Full Meta website. * DUE TO THE SENSITIVE NATURE OF KILL-STEALING AND GRIEFING, PUNISHMENT WILL ONLY BE DEALT IF AND ONLY IF EVIDENCE IS PROVIDED THAT SHOWS CLEARLY THE OFFENSE OCCURRING (SEE EVIDENCE POLICY, BELOW). IN THE EVENT THAT THE SUBMITTED EVIDENCE WAS FOUND TO BE LACKING, THE NAME OF THE CHARACTER REPORTED WILL BE NOTED AND OBSERVED ONLY.


    OTHERS 1. Any type of act or behavior deemed inappropriate by RF Full Meta 2. Users are prohibited to violate any local, state, national or international laws and regulations.


    MISCONDUCTS All offense reports will be reviewed by the RF Full Meta gm team. Offenses have varying degrees of severity, and will be up to the RF Full Meta gm team to review and to administer its corresponding punishment based on the provided evidence and details of the case. The severity of each case will be categorized as follows; 1. General misconducts 2. Cursing, swearing, or use of foul language 3. Offensive/vulgar character and guild names 4. Flooding 5. Harassment 6. Defaming a game moderator 7. Attempting to deceive any RF Full Meta personnel 8. Misuse of the official RF Full Meta social media, groups, and forums 9. Inappropriate advertising 10. Circulating false information 11. Reporting false incidents 12. Illegal trading or cash transactions 13. Account theft or hacking 14. Grief and nuisance accounts 15. Kill stealing / griefing 16. General fraud 17. Game integrity infringement 18. Use or distribution of any hack/hacking programs 19. General attempt to defraud 20. Impersonation of a gm, RF Full Meta employee or affiliate, or government official 21. Circulating false information 22. Deliberate abuse of game bugs 23. Attempting to deceive any RF Full Meta personnel 24. Account theft or hacking 25. Unauthorized account access 26. Duplicating items or possession of duplicated items


    lso, be reminded that RF Full Meta reserves the right to evaluate every incident on a case to case basis; meaning, actions take in one case may differ from those previously taken with other cases of similar nature. Penalties: Penalties will depend on the number of times an offense is made. It will also depend on its severity. What gms cannot do for players of RF Full Meta: Gms cannot and will not participate in any party or guild. They cannot and will not “tank” for or provide “buffs” to players, unless it coincides with an event or promotion that requires them to do so. Gms cannot and will not give players items, potions or gold (trading with players is not allowed) unless it is part of an event or promotion. Gms will not give special treatment to any player or specific group of players. Gm’s are to be impartial, unbiased, and objective within the scope of their responsibilities and judgment.