Compact crystal talics
    Now easy way to make Compact Crystal Talic add 99 Crystal Talic you will get 50

Lvl 65 Type C weapon

Can be used at Hero with slot extender and can be used with upgrade at Hero to but NEED to have 7 slots first then you can only combine if you have a 4-x or higher stable or unstable upgrader example:  4-5, 4-6, 4-7, 5-6, 5-7, 6-7


Dragon Armor / Superior 65 Type C armor 

- You can Extend your slot on your Dragon Armor here is how. Need to get 50 superior
armor extender to open 1 slot.
    - You can upgrade your Dragon Armor at the Hero. Need to have 7 slots open no upgrade on
the armor.

+0 to +4  need 99 Compact Crystal Talic + 20 Favor Talic and 800m.

To +5 and up Need
2 stack (99 each) of Compact Crystal Talic + 99 favor Talic + 800m.

Your Dragon Armor will not break at hero combination but can downgrade 1 or could wipe all your upgrades.